Primary Goals for Fedora Server in Fedora 21

At today’s Server Working Group meeting, we affirmed the vote that’s been happening on the mailing list regarding the first two Server Roles that we plan to package for the Fedora Server.

Domain Controller

We unanimously selected a “Domain Controller” Role (powered by FreeIPA) as our primary, blocking deliverable for the first release of the Fedora Server. There are several reasons behind this decision. First of all, the FreeIPA project already possesses many of the qualities that we desire in a Server Role: it glues together all of the technologies that it needs to make work, it can be installed very easily and it serves a clear, high-level purpose.

In addition, the Domain Controller Role will serve as a fundamental piece of the architecture for interacting with the rest of the Fedora Server Roles and ecosystem. By setting up and enrolling servers in a domain, we will be able to take advantage of single-sign-on capabilities and other centrally-managed identity features in our other roles, including the ability to manage the set of administrators allowed to deploy roles on machines.

Database Server

We also unanimously agreed that the second Role we would develop would be a Database Server. This was chosen because, like the Domain Controller Role, most further roles will rely on the presence of a stable, usable database. The selection of *which* of the open-source databases to use was slightly more diverse, with seven members of the Working Group favoring PostgreSQL, one preferring MariaDB and one abstention. As a result, we will proceed with PostgreSQL as the initial provider of the Database Server Role, with an option in the future to develop and support other databases as well.

The Database Server is being classified as “highly desirable”, but it is not a strict blocker to the first release of Fedora Server (the way that the Domain Controller Role is). We will try as hard as possible to ship both Roles in the first release, but if we one has to be deferred, it will be the Database Server Role.