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Server SIG Weekly Meeting (2014-12-16)

#fedora-meeting: Server SIG Weekly Meeting (2014-12-16)



#fedora-meeting: Server SIG Weekly Meeting (2014-12-16)

Meeting started by sgallagh at 16:02:57 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. roll call (sgallagh, 16:02:57)
  2. Agenda (sgallagh, 16:07:53)
    1. Agenda Item: Database Server Role Design (sgallagh, 16:08:04)
    2. adamw will work on a proposal for defining/documenting server role capabilities and requirements outside of the release criteria (sgallagh, 16:10:46)


  3. Database Server Role Design (sgallagh, 16:15:19)
    1. (sgallagh, 16:15:57)
    2. rolekit should support creating an admin account when creating the DB, but stay out of user management otherwise (sgallagh, 16:32:09)
    3. AGREED: The Database Server Role will be built with a single local process, with rolekit instances maintaining the databases within it. (lazy consensus) (sgallagh, 16:37:28)
    4. If we select a graphical tool for managing PostgreSQL, it must be able to manage user rights, replication and other system-level tasks (sgallagh, 16:43:54)
    5. A UI for SQL queries is a non-requirement (sgallagh, 16:44:04)
    6. Any UI we employ for the Database Server Role must be integrated with Cockpit in some reasonable way (sgallagh, 16:47:07)


  4. Cantas (sgallagh, 16:54:36)
    1. (danofsatx-work, 16:55:26)
    2. ? (adamw, 16:56:15)
    3. (sgallagh, 16:56:24)
    4. Cantas authentication does not integrate with fedoauth (yet) (danofsatx-work, 16:57:55)
    5. Current authentication is only through Google or Kerberos. (danofsatx-work, 16:59:04)
    6. Fedora Infrastructure does not support Kerberos (sgallagh, 16:59:21)

Meeting ended at 17:09:01 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. (none)


People present (lines said)

  1. sgallagh (117)
  2. simo (69)
  3. danofsatx-work (27)
  4. adamw (17)
  5. zodbot (12)
  6. hanthana (8)
  7. mclasen (4)
  8. kushal (3)
  9. mizmo (1)
  10. nirik (0)
  11. mitr (0)
  12. stefw (0)
  13. danofsatx (0)
  14. tuanta (0)

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A Big Fedora Server SIG Welcome

At today’s Fedora Server SIG Meeting, the present Fedora Server Working Group members elected to fill the seat recently-vacated by David Strauss. As of today, Dan Mossor (danofsatx on IRC) becomes a full member of the Fedora Server Working Group.

At the same time, we would like to recognize and welcome the other four individuals who threw their hats into the ring and invite them into our growing community of Server-aficionados.

So: welcome Dan Callaghan, Danishka Navin, Brandon Vincent and Michael Wolf into the Fedora Server family! Each of you have some excellent ideas and visions for where you would like to see Fedora Server go.  It’s going to be an exciting journey. Thanks for taking it with us.

Fedora Server SIG Weekly Meeting Minutes (2014-12-09)

#fedora-meeting-1: Server SIG Weekly Meeting (2014-12-09)

Meeting started by sgallagh at 16:05:15 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. roll call (sgallagh, 16:05:28)
  2. Agenda (sgallagh, 16:08:46)
    1. Agenda Item: Select new WG member (sgallagh, 16:09:09)
    2. Agenda Item: Fedora 22 High-Level Planning (sgallagh, 16:09:19)

  3. Select new WG member (sgallagh, 16:11:04)
    1. Candidate: Dan Callaghan (sgallagh, 16:11:32)
    2. Candidate: Brandon Vincent (sgallagh, 16:11:32)
    3. Candidate: Dan Mossor (sgallagh, 16:11:32)
    4. Candidate: Danishka Navin (sgallagh, 16:11:32)
    5. Candidate: Michael J Wolf (sgallagh, 16:11:32)
    6. Reminder to all candidates: a seat on the Working Group is not required to participate in the Fedora Server SIG (sgallagh, 16:12:30)
    7. (danofsatx-kf, 16:35:01)
    8. The Server WG feels that Danishka Navin would be most helpful as a teammate with tuanta at this time. (sgallagh, 16:39:20)
    9. The Server WG looks forward to working with Michael Wolf in the Server SIG, but we feel that there was not enough information in his self-nomination to make a fair determination for a seat on the Working Group. (sgallagh, 16:41:50)
    10. The Server WG looks forward to collaborating with Dan Callaghan, but without a certainty of being able to meet the time-commitment, we will not give him the open seat at this time. (sgallagh, 16:49:16)
    11. AGREED: Dan Mossor (danofsatx) will join the Fedora Server Working Group as a full member (+7, 0, -0) (sgallagh, 17:02:44)

  4. Open Floor (sgallagh, 17:03:35)

Meeting ended at 17:04:27 UTC (full logs).

Action items

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People present (lines said)

  1. sgallagh (103)
  2. simo (39)
  3. omzim (36)
  4. junland (27)
  5. danofsatx-kf (26)
  6. bvincent (23)
  7. danofsatx (17)
  8. tuanta (17)
  9. zodbot (15)
  10. adamw (11)
  11. stefw (9)
  12. nirik (2)
  13. masta (2)
  14. danofsatx-work (1)
  15. mitr (0)
  16. mizmo (0)

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Graphical Desktop Environments on Fedora 21 Server

There is no “official” Fedora Server desktop environment

There was a recent thread on the Fedora Server development mailing list entitled “Proposal for F22 Desktop Enviroment“. On this thread, the Fedora Server community came to two general conclusions:

  1. A graphical desktop on a server is an outdated interaction method
  2. We don’t need to “bless” a specific desktop because:

Any of them work!

It’s actually quite easy to install a graphical environment onto Fedora Server in just two steps.

  1. Install the yum package group for the graphical environment
  2. Configure the system to boot into graphical mode

Installing the graphical environment package set

First, decide which graphical desktop you want to use. You can get the available list of them from:

yum grouplist

At the time of this writing, the list of available graphical environments is:

Fedora Workstation
KDE Plasma Workspaces
Xfce Desktop
LXDE Desktop
Cinnamon Desktop
MATE Desktop
Sugar Desktop Environment

There are a few others in the list, but those are all of the complete desktop environments. So, to install one, we run this command (substituting your desktop environment of choice):

yum groupinstall "Fedora Workstation" --skip-broken

The reason for --skip-broken is that Fedora Workstation contains several variant packages that would otherwise conflict with the Server versions. By passing this argument, we’re letting yum know that it is okay to skip those packages that would have conflicts.


Configuring the system to boot into graphical mode

The last step is to tell systemd to boot the system into graphical mode rather than to the console:

systemctl set-default


A word of caution: this is still a Fedora Server system, with all that entails. That means things like the default firewall configuration will remain optimized for server use-cases. The resulting system will look a lot like a standard installation of the graphical desktop that you chose, but it may behave differently in subtle ways. Today, this should be limited to the firewall configuration. Updates or future Fedora releases may bring additional changes. Most of the time, this should work just fine, but if something seems like it’s operating more paranoid than you expect, it’s probably because it’s following a Server-targeted configuration choice rather than a desktop-user-targeted choice.

Server Working Group Weekly Meeting Minutes (2014-12-02)

#fedora-meeting-2: Server Working Group Weekly Meeting (2014-12-02)

Meeting started by sgallagh at 16:10:26 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. roll call (sgallagh, 16:10:26)
  2. Agenda (sgallagh, 16:18:00)
    1. Agenda Item: Greet the new members of the Server SIG (sgallagh, 16:18:05)
    2. Agenda Item: Rename the weekly meetings to “Server SIG Meeting” (sgallagh, 16:18:05)
    3. Agenda Item: Status check on Fedora 21 (sgallagh, 16:18:05)

  3. Greet the new members of the Server SIG (sgallagh, 16:19:12)
    1. The Server SIG extends a warm hello to Dan Callaghan and Brandon Vincent (sgallagh, 16:22:29)
    2. Candidates for Server WG are strongly encouraged to attend next week’s meeting (sgallagh, 16:23:41)

  4. Rename the weekly meetings to “Server SIG Meeting” (sgallagh, 16:25:47)
    1. AGREED: Meeting will be renamed “Server SIG Weekly Meeting” to be more clear that it’s open to all. (sgallagh, 16:29:13)

  5. Status check on Fedora 21 (sgallagh, 16:29:18)
    1. everyone should test rc2 as much as they can once it lands. (sgallagh, 16:35:31)
    2. We hope that this will be the final release candidate (sgallagh, 16:35:55)

  6. Open Floor (sgallagh, 16:36:42)
    1. Please poke around at and provide feedback to the websites team. (sgallagh, 16:37:28)
    2. (nirik, 16:44:04)
    3. if you have anything for server for – feel free to edit it (sgallagh, 16:47:45)

  7. Remote Logging Test Case (sgallagh, 16:48:46)

Meeting ended at 16:56:59 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. (none)

People present (lines said)

  1. sgallagh (68)
  2. simo (24)
  3. danofsatx (20)
  4. nirik (19)
  5. zodbot (7)
  6. mitr (2)
  7. stefw (2)
  8. cwickert (2)
  9. danofsatx-dt (2)
  10. jreznik (1)
  11. adamw (0)
  12. tuanta (0)
  13. mizmo (0)

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Who matters in the Server Working Group ? You do!

At the last meeting Miloslav raised the issue that some people feel that not being a voting member of the working group is perceived as not having their opinion valued and may discourage participation. Luckily for us we have quite a few participants that didn’t get that nonexistent memo and are providing great contributions to the Fedora Server project.

The role of WG voting members is that of “public servants”. They take it upon themselves to do some of those boring tasks that are required in any group or organization. To get the bureaucracy out of the way of the “do-ers”, and when needed work as arbiters. So far this seems to have been working quite well, and it is hard to recall a contentious issue that has required official WG members votes to move forward.

In general the Server WG works by consensus among all participants, regardless of status on or off of the Working Group. The ones that ‘do’  are the ones that have a greater impact than anyone else (even on the WG). We really welcome any point of view. The developers among the participants know they have some blind spots when it comes to user-friendliness or prioritization of features. This is why we like to have a diverse representation in the Working Group. We also have to work on non-code matters so any help in any area, be it testing, marketing, advocacy, documentation, localization, etc.. is extremely welcome.

So if you have ideas around the Fedora Server product and want to help in any way please feel free to show up in the mailing list, on IRC channels (#fedora-server on freenode), participate in our weekly IRC meeting[*] and in general get in contact and share.


[*] in the #fedora-meeting-1 channel on freenode IRC, Tuesdays at 1600 UTC